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About Amplicon Biotech

Amplicon Biotech founded in 2016 urges to amplify the viable and affordable solution for the scientific fraternity. Our company now offers thousands of products for research   diagnostics market, all designed with the hope of make a researcher’s lab time simpler and more affordable.We are presenting ourselve as reliable channel partner in collaboration with the world’s leading Manufacturers of Research and diagnostics products for biotechnology research and industry

Amplicon Biotech brings new technologies and better support. For years to come it has streamlined the process of supply support and service according to the needs of potential customers to remove hurdles of industry growth and position itself as a reliable channel for the supplies in India.

Amplicon Biotech urges to hold itself as the ultimate destination for research and development and production supplies. We supported various national research projects from general basic reagents, to antibodies, specific assay needs. Our esteemed forte are Recombinant proteins, Antibodies, ELISA kits, Lateral Flow immunoassay and rapid testing technologies.

Amplicon Biotech is an authorized distributor for various recognized companies who deal in a wide range of research products, research tools, equipment etc. It is established with the vision to provide best-in- class products and services to the clients like Life Science research industry, Agricultural and Veterinary Research Institutes, Biotech and Bio-Pharma companies, Universities, Medical Colleges   Hospitals etc.

Amplicon Biotech’s young team is growing with a lot of enthusiasm, and determination to become No 1 biotechnology supplier. The assets and knowledge it has earned to date We have a state-of-the-art service system which comprises of logistics team for an expedited delivery of your order and technical and non-technical experts to resolve issues on your pre and post delivered products.

This makes Amplicon Biotech a Dependable, Reliable channel partner and One-Stop source for the research fraternity.

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